For seven years all our family knew was to add boys to our list. Now we have a little girl in the mix and boy are we happy. What a complete package this little (big) family is.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Stajiah turned one!!!!!!!!!! no I can not believe it either. Kamen has turned 16, gone on an official date to prom, and tries to text with a certain girl till midnight every night. Ayke has actually learned a few lessons about girls and that, really, they aren't all that cool and certainly not worth the drama,(He's a ladies man at only 14 and a half and this momma wants the little girls to just stay away from my boys!) Ayke has really poured on the musical gifts section of his life and can really make some pretty music with his violin or piano or bang something out on the drums! Scead is finishing up his last few days as a student of Elementary school! Bring on JR HIGH! He is ready! (or so he thinks and I pray) Traix is just a complete joy to be around unless he has decided he has been pushed to much, a 10 year old all of a sudden faced with the fact that he is getting bigger and facing more responsibility (I am convinced if ever there is a boy up to the task it is Traix) He has an incredible ability to learn and is finishing up this school year with once again very good grades. Ozdyn is so looking forward to turning 8 so he can be baptized (though I am not sure if it is because he is looking forward to the cookies his primary teacher told him she would make for him after his baptism). School is just about out and the real crazy begins...I have been to two school music concerts, a family picnic, a couple track meets, emailed football coaches about summer camp food menus as well as talked to scout leaders about making accommodations while they have my boys in the great outdoors and I have been busy keeping Drake busy too! We have spent a good portion of our time as of late digging out the nasty road base that was buried under a thick though cracking layer of asphalt. The boys have been a huge help and I have promised that it will not all be for not. We will have an end of school year party in our nicely redone back yard and new patio area at the end of the week. It has been busy and oh so worth it. I am a very blessed mom and wife and actually looking forward to summer. Hope you are too!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Spot light Kamen

Kamen is about to turn 16 and I thought it might be nice if I say a few nice things about him before I forget and he turns into a 16 year old. HEHEHE. really, Kamen is incredible. I don't know many boys that would drop anything to hug a baby, he wrestles with his little brothers (most of the time they enjoy the attention) He will entertain little kids anywhere we go to help relieve struggling parents. He doesn't quite have the "cleaning your room" phrase in his vocabulary (it's getting better but can use some development) He is a very handsome boy when he combs his hair. Most of all he has a pure heart. I couldn't be more proud of my baby! He faces obstacles head on and threatens the word quit but never does. He has PKU (extremely restricted diet). It has not allowed him to beef up like most of the kids his age. When it comes to football he didn't let that slow him down. Last night at his wrestling match he got a second wind and a greater resolve to stick with it. After going three long and very traumatic (for a mom wrestling is the worst!) match I could see he had an amazing aura of confidence rolling off of him. His opponent told him after the match "boy you have gas" Kamen immediately apologized and told his dad about the conversation. Drake Chuckled and said "K- he meant stamina!!!" Kamen withstood being thrown to the mat 4 different times and still never gave up. He lost by points but never gave up and I couldn't be more impressed with what that says for his character. I love you Kamen- you will always be my little K-bear!

Monday, January 7, 2013

It is still Monday so I am holding to my original plan to post on Mondays. Here is the thoughts I have been having this last week. How many people out there think they grew up fighting weight gain and always looked at themselves as being fat? I did CONSTANTLY!!! I remember at a very young age being the fat cousin, always wanting to be small enough to fit in my older cousin's jeans, or to be as skinny and pretty as another cousin. I never wanted to wear a swimsuit anywhere though there are a few pictures of me bathing my 4-h lamb wearing swimsuit. (but with that mop of hair who was looking at the swimsuit?) I even had a very hard time picking out a wedding dress with the right sleeve so that my arms didn't look so huge. How much time was wasted on fighting the fight? I look back at photos and aside from the massive permed hair I think, what was I so worried about? Why did I fight the fight? Why didn't I appreciate what I had then? Here is the honest time. When I got pregnant with my first baby I had just lost 8 lbs (I was dieting!) I finally got to 140lbs. What happened? I gained 58 lbs with that pregnancy. That is right 2 lbs away from a whopping 200 lbs. I couldn't believe it. Of course being a new mom, married and BROKE (joining a gym was not an option) I had to leave the weight loss to so called dieting (I always cheated) and at home work out videos-to this day I hate step arobics! 9 months after giving birth to my first son, I learned I was expecting again. I only got down to 165. Morning sickness helped to loose 5 more lbs but the weight gain again happened but I still somehow managed to give birth to a healthy baby boy and weighed 198 at the end of pregnancy. Well I have had 4 more children since then and I haven't seen a sustained weight of less than 200 for probably 9 years now. I have been fighting the fight all my life. Why didn't I appreciate what I had then? I weighed in this morning at 218lbs. It is a bit scary putting that to type knowing that there are some who read this that I have always wanted to be like through out my life. You cool kids know how you are! Please be gentle with this admission. I am tired of fighting a fight for skinny! I am tired of not looking like I think I should in the reflection or in the pictures that are rarely allowed to be taken of me. My plan of action? I still haven't got that part figured out. I know it will be specific for me and will be a realistic and reasonable plan. Not a fight but a course of action.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here it is January 2, 2013. My resolution? I am going to be more studious with my scripture reading (study), be less self-critical, use my time more specifically, and blog more often. Anyone notice some errors in those resolutions? VAGUE! Resolutions need to be specific. I don't know if I am prepared to be specific. I want to improve myself and I guess each area of my life needs to be evaluated and a specific plan of attack or action. Monday's I will sit and post one area with a specific plan of action for the week. That is my plan of action right now. Happy new years everyone!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

our little girl is now a wopping 4 months old.

Stajiah Colleen is our little miss. I can't believe she is already four months old and I haven't even blogged about her. I don't know who if any actually read this but I thought I would finally get around to sharing a bit of my thoughts and feelings about having a gift such as a little girl in our home. My boys are completely smitten and have been from the very get go. The first night we got to bring home Stajiah home she had to be on the uv lights for a high hemoglobin or bellyrubin. She was very jaundice and had to stay at the hospital an extra day so she could get her "critical" levels back down. That was a tuffy. My "little" 9 lb. baby girl had to spend as much time as possible on lights and she hated it! She screamed whenever I put her down on the light bed. I finally gave up at 5:30 in the am. She slept great and through the process of daytime lights she got better! I am so glad that ordeal is past us. Stajiah is such a happy baby. She wakes up smiling and cooing almost every morning, and loves to coo at her brothers before they head off to school. She SLEEPS all night long!!!! Drake and I were so nervous after that first night but she has made having our little girl such an amazing experience we couldn't be happier and feel our family really is totally complete.

Monday, May 21, 2012

39 weeks today

Woke up again this morning and yep, I'm still home and still very round with baby! Last weeks visit to the midwifes got my hopes up that I would be having a little baby sooner rather than later. High blood pressure is not a usual issue for me but last week it reared it's ugly head. I don't feel horrible (so to speak) but I am more tired than typical, nauseous, and have swollen feet and legs. I am quite ready for baby to come home, the boys are ready to cuddle little sis, and I think even Drake is ready for mom to step back into the mom role that I have been doing for the past 15 years. This pregnancy has been more of a challenge physically than any of the boys. I know it is because I am older and it's ok to be tired and let things get done by other people but I tell you what, knowing that and accepting it are two different things all together! The boys have really stepped up helping and I know Heavenly Father is blessing our family. I just can't wait to do another post boasting about my complete and happy family of 5 boys and a girl!